50 Ways to Teach Your Daughter to Love and Nourish Her Body

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Are you Concerned About Your Daughter’s Weight, Eating, or Body Image?

You want your daughter to feel amazing in her body and nourished by her eating and her life. You want her to be healthy and confident and vibrant. You want her to know, without question, how absolutely beautiful she is.

But in your quiet moments, you may beat yourself up for not knowing how to model that for her. For all the books you’ve read and all the things you’ve done right, you’re stillstruggling with your own food and body image stuff.   

It’s ok! So many of us have been there!  As moms, we want to feel and look great ourselves, and teach our daughters how to do the same.  And that’s why you’re here right now. A fierce mother, ready.

Dishing with Your Daughter is the place for you if:

{ You want to help your daughter experience good health and a good, healthy body image

{ You want to be a great role model, but you are still struggling with making peace with your own eating and body image.

{ You want to deepen your connection with your daughter as she heads into her teen years

A little about me

I’m Karen Schachter; a social worker, holistic health counselor, psychology of eating expert and mom of two. Through my Dishing with Your Daughter programs, I help mothers and daughters experience deliciousness, pleasure, joy, nourishment and good health in their relationships with food, with their bodies and with each other. I believe that girls and women have too much to do, too much to say and too much to share to be spending their valuable energy counting calories, struggling with their health and energy, or focusing on the size of their thighs.

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